Friday, September 02, 2005

The Kitchen's Least Wanted

Unreasonable taste, texture and blandness

Known Aliases: Pasta, Shaped Pasta, Orecchiette, Small ear pasta, Puglian pasta

Photograph taken on 1st September 2005, 23:14 BST

One of Orecchiette's common disguises; being cooked with vegetables and chile sauce


Width: approx. 3/4 inch across
Unusual markings: slightly domed, their centers are slightly thinner than their rims
Texture: soft in the middle, chewy on the outside
Cooking time: up to 20 minutes
Disguises: can plump to twice its size when cooked


Orecchiette is currently no longer wanted in our kitchen. It was cooked this evening to go with some vegetables that we needed to finish. The lives of these fine vegetables (shallots, peppers, tomatoes, courgettes) were lost in the fight against this menace of a pasta.

Considered vile and extremely bland. Do not cook under any circumstances

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Anonymous said...

I love orecchiette! I'm Irish-Italian and it's one of my favorite pasta dishes! Am excited to try this out! 

Posted by Mona