Saturday, February 03, 2007

Restaurant Review: Più di Prima, Madrid

This Italian restaurant proclaims itself "the best in Spain"... don't know about that, our neighbourhood restaurant in London is better.

- The location - 3 (central Madrid... dark, dim... the manager's foot is in a brace, perhaps he fell over a customer).
- The service - 3 (the waiter specialised in looking at other tables while talking to us... where's the love??).
- The menu - 4 (nice traditional fare).
- The execution - 3 (overcooked pasta, over sweet semi-freddo, the osso bucco ravioli tasted like 1yr old ragù).
- The cost - 2 (€120 2 people for dinner).

Total: 15/25 (60%).

Più di Prima...

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Restaurant Review: Ølsen, Madrid

Why trust an Argentinian superchef in absentia, cooking Scandinavian food in central Madrid? IKEA does better meatballs.

- The location - 5 (central Madrid).
- The service - 2 if you're American (and 5 if you're Spanish).
- The menu - 4.
- The execution - 2 (overcooked, underseasoned, cheap cuts of meat..).
- The cost - 3 (€30 for 2 at lunch).

Total: 16/25 (a surprisingly high 64%).


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Inspired by the restaurant scene...

Inspired by the restaurant scene in Spain (for better or for worse), zarzamora.blogspot has come out of its year-long hibernation. It is no longer based in Granada, but now in Madrid.

Our mission is to provide simple restaurant recommendations around the world. OK, we've got quite a bit of backlog, but here we go...

Our categories are:
- The location - accessibility, neighbourhood etc.
- The service - attention, knowledge..
- The menu - fancy, simple, interesting..
- The execution - how does it taste
- The cost - average cost

All will be rated 1 - 5: 1 "Andalucían poor" and 5 "Tokyo good".

All reviews will have a one line comment, sometimes witty, sometimes sad... but always correct.


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