Friday, January 20, 2006

Green Mango... the taste of the tropics

The minute we arrived in El Salvador Blancs started asking for Green Mango (mango verde). She called this "the taste of the tropics". Although the supermarket was sold out, we did manage to buy it from a street vendor when waiting for the traffic lights to change. It cost $1 for a bag of about 10... seemed like a bargin at the time*.

bag of mango verde
The preparation is very simple, peel and slice the mango. Season it with Limón. In a nice twist of confusion, it turns out that in Central America, limón means LIME, not lemon. It is only here that you will find the limes of sufficient acidity to make really good mango verde, ceviche etc.

Add a pinch of salt and alguashte. There is little information as to what alguashte really is. Opinion seems to fall between the seed of pepitoria and achiote. I managed to find a site that offers what is considered to be the true answer. The missionaries of El Salvador (you´ve got to trust them!) say that alguashte is slang (caliche) for ground pumpkin seeds.

* today in El Mercado Central of San Salvador we bought 5 manos (hands) of mango verde for $0.35. In 2001, El Salvador exported $0.3M (160,000kg) to the world... that´s a lot of hands.

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Karen said...

This is finger food! :-)

I posted about eating unripe mangoes  last year. Aside from the usual Filipino way, I got two other dipping sauce recipes from Hawaii and Thailand.

If you have an excess of unripe mangoes, try pickling them in a mixture of salt and sugar ratio 1:2. They'll be ready in two days. Mmmmmhhhmmm...  

Posted by Karen

Tamika said...

I love mangos and mango verde is so delicious. I just finished one and wanted to find more information on them. It has just the right amount of tart and sweet. But when I am have a hankering for a sweet treat on the carribean mango will do.I WISH I could get 10 for $1. They cost $1 each here in the states.

Marz Raul said...

Karen is right, it is finger food.
I'm originally from El Salvador where we eat mango verde all the time; I still do! (I live in Australia now).
Alguashte is made from ground pumpkin seeds with a little bit of salt. Well, that's how my parents make it.

Monica said...

Great stuff! I keep learning new things every time I come back to your blog.

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I don't like them, or better I'm tired of this haha I remember when I was on school I buyed this stuff everyday with salt and lemon :S
Thanks xD

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