Thursday, January 13, 2005

chanko nabe

hey b, furthering my gastro tours; taro and myself went out to anizakaya last night for a meal called chanko nabe. this is traditionalmeal (more of a cooking method / philosophy) that is served to sumowrestlers. the usual gas burner is placed on the table with a potfull of cold water / broth and an assortment of fish, meats,vegetables (you know; the usual). this cooks over the period of about20 minutes at which point you eat all the main foods. you are leftwith the broth at which point you put in rice and egg (the restaurantwas out of rice - can you believe it? - so we had udon noodles). oncethese are cooked (signified by the egg cooking) you then eat the brothand rice as a was fantastic - captures the usual japanese approach to food -nothing wasted and very nourishing ...later, coops

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