Monday, January 17, 2005

koreean barbeque

we had a work dinner last night, spent quite a bit of time talkingabout kanji and japanese language. really interesting; ohkawa-sanexplained to me that the kanji in japan, korea and china is broadlythe same, as a result japanese can read chinese. the difference isthat the pronounciation is different. there are three levels ofmeaning - the symbol, the meaning and the pronounciation. i'm stillconfused, but it makes a bit more sense. i'm wondering if i shouldtry and learn some while i am over here?

other interesting thing is that a lot of the kanji adopts is shapefrom the subject that it is representing. for example, as with mostjapanese names, ohkawa's name means something; in his case it means'big river'.

on the food side of life, we had some korean barbeque last night;you've heard quite a bit about this already, but one thing that wasinteresting; we had a bean sprout (mung bean?) starter. i neverrealised, but the if the bean is left to sprout, it actually formsalmost a peanut like form at the base of the sprout. to me, thisactually tastes of peanut! it is a really nice dish and should besimple to make - we should check it out.

i haven't found anything on the web that talks to this point, but thefollowing page talks about sprouts:

something that i have been trying to learn over the last weeks isabout the soya bean - ( - ineed to dig into the joy of cooking and find out what the exactprocess is that can make a soya bean anything from sauce to miso totofu ...

questions, questions, questions ...

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