Saturday, March 26, 2005

just popped out for semana santa - back next week

"welcome onboard the 5 O´CLOCK stansted express from liverpool station ...", they may as well have added; "we know that you are beyond redemption from your hangover so we will continue speaking in a high volume about seemingly irrelevant things".

i realised that the likelihood of us reaching the airport was in doubt when blanca started muttering in spanish in the cab ... there is something of a serial killer about her when it comes to travelling. luckily for me, she had been able to get out of bed at 3am in order to pack. for someone who normally struggles with a daily 6.30am waking, she had some supernatural fortitude this morning; perhaps it was the call of her homeland.

i think back to happier times, yesterday, sitting in london, sun shining, writing my little blurb about our iminent holidays ...

we're off to spain for easter tomorrow. we have a ryanair plane jetting us off at 7am tomorrow morning from stansted (for anyone unfamiliar with ryanair or stansted, this is about as appealing as the need to get out of bed at 3am) ... the good news is that by noon we'll be sitting in san jose (almeria; south east of spain) eating prawns by the sea ...

there appears to be some confusion in spain as they have named easter after father christmas; 'semana santa' ... i have been there before for easter, but i'm going to pay particular attention this time to the food. from what i can remember of the last time, we went for japanese, but i'm guessing that this may not be all that traditional. having just checked out the spanish tourist site (
) i can now confirm that apparently torrijas (bread in milk), flores de semana santa (pastry), leche frita (fried milk), bunelos (fried pastries) are all typical delicacies ... hmm, there seems to be a trend going on here.

blogs will recommence next thursday with a special on mariscos. feliz semana santa!

i am called back to the grey reality of this morning. " ... the ticket inspector will soon be around to check your tickets. you may upgrade to first class for 7 pounds" ... i believe that in 1st class they have the pa system turned down so that it won`t burst your eardrums before you reach the airport ...

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