Thursday, March 10, 2005


creamy scrambled eggs

i seem to remember a time, in the distant past, that i would go into a kitchen and actually consider myself able to put a meal together. since embarking on my homeschooling and given my recent adventure on sugar high friday, i am losing confidence. as with all courageous adventurers, my confidence shattered, i quickly turn tail and go to prepare something that surely can't fail ... perhaps nothing quicker, tastier and more nutritious than scrambled eggs.

some basic rules to apply in making scrambled eggs:

- use about 2 eggs per person. harold mcgee notes that as they are made from yolks and white, lower quality eggs can be sufficient for still producing excellent scramble.
- stir the mixture, but try not to incorporate too much air.
- heat a heavy-based pan to medium heat melting a good knob of butter until it bubbles.
- lower the heat and add the mixture, i prefer to let curdles form before stirring ~ this produces slightly thicker eggs.
- the secret of good scrambled eggs is not to rush the process, but revel in the slow cooking and allow a few minutes for them to be ready. overcooking (or rapid heating) at this point results in the protein packing further together until water is squeezed out and the eggs are rubbery dry.
- remove from heat just prior to completing cooking (they will cook themselves for a while).
- add 2 tbsp cream per egg and another knob of butter. the addition at this point in the cooking effectively dilutes the egg and they will thicken at a higher temperature and produce a tenderer egg. be careful not to heat (or overheat) at this point as it could result in the cream separating and producing watery eggs.
- add smoked salmon / chives if required and serve.

as it is simple dish, it is worth making a nice presentation around it ~ use pepper and salt as appropriate and serve with a tall pile of salad and toast.

sometimes great food can really be as simple as that!

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