Wednesday, March 23, 2005

samosas in the workplace

'rope' folding samosas

now that i'm learning how to cook i am aware that lessons will come from not just the kitchen, but also outside. i didn't expect where i would learn about folding samosas today...

a friend, harj, just saw my photo of the lamb phyllo from yesterday. he was convinced that it was a samosa until i showed him the recipe. he went on to recount his childhood folding upto 350 samosas at a time with his brothers at their kitchen table. it was such a piece of cultural insight that i had to write it up quickly ...

he demonstrated the fold (it's not that harj isn't culinarily inclined, it's just that the office limited materials with which to make samosas taste good) ...

1. samosa dough is cut into semi-circles, butter brushed along the outsides (we have no butter)

2. it is folded into a conical shape

3. mixture is placed inside the cone and rope folded (overlapping turns) across the top

harj and his brothers have a party trick by which they save all bird's eye chilli (with seeds) and put them in a single samosa. once an unfortunate nephew was forced to eat the whole parcel so as not to offend the family. if anyone is at an indian family meal and they notice a single samosa with an 'X' in it ... don't eat it.

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